Full list of Frerard fan fictions


A Blue Ribbon On My Brain, lovebashed, NC-17

A Good Ocean Gone Wrong, xoxxblitz7, NC-17

A Kiss With A Fist, iamdali, NC-17

A Latte And A Cookie, mistresscurvy, NC-17

A Little Less ‘As You Wish’, A Little More ‘I Know’, kinetikatrue, G

A Little Less Eighteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me, liescontinue, R

A Lonely Avenue, zmphony, R

A Love That’s So Demanding, InLoveAndSqualor, NC-17

A Natural Reaction To Rough-housingbexless, NC-17

A Nook Of Their Own, A Town To Share, sparklefap, G

A Pair of Socks?, kuriositet, G

A Soft Place To Land, RubyTuesday5681, NC-17

A Splitting Of The Mind, shoved2agree, R/NC-17

A State Of Grey, iamjustabi, PG-13

A State Of Orange, gala_apples, NC-17

A World So Small, wordslinging, R

Across The Lines, soulfulfishbowl, NC-17

Adrift, innocent_wolves, NC-17

Affairs Of The Pocket, aceface, G

Against the Sun, We’re the Enemy, MizErie, NC-17

Against The Wind, theopteryx, NC-17

Against The Works Of The Flesh, happilyappled, NC-17

Ain’t Nobody Gonna Love You Like The Devil Do, dear_monday, NC-17

Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound Dog, inabathrobe & theficisalie, PG-13

All I Want For Christmas Is You, tuesdaysgone, NC-17

All Included, innocent_wolves, NC-17

All Mikey Way Wants For Christmas, slashxyouxup, G

All The Lost Things, akamine_chan, G

All The While You Hold The Key, wordslinging, R

All Tied Up, littleblackghost, NC-17

An Inexplicable Occurrence Of Angels, stele3, PG-13

Ancient, writinginblood, G

And A Partridge In A Pear Tree, matchbox_bones, G

And If I Was Yours, alasse, PG-13

And I’ll Admire Your Expensive Taste, jokerindisguise, NC-17

And The Autumn Moon Is Bright, wordslinging, R

Angels From The Neon, The9thDoctor, NC-17

Another High School Party, iamdali, NC-17

Anti-Sex, cimorene, NC-17

Any Objective Sourceiphigna939, PG-13

Any Place You’ll Allow, airgiodslv, NC-17

Anytime, In My Head, misslucythenerd, NC-17

Anywhere But HereTheVeryHurtYouSold, G

Aquarium, london_blitz, NC-17

Art Could Save A Wretch Like Me, ciel_vert, NC-17

As Good As It Gets, kitsune_tsuki, PG-13

As I Lay Back and Think of Jesusslashxyouxup, NC-17


Baby, We Were Born To Run, elflorentino, R

Back To The Good Lifemaryangel, R

Becoming Joan, mrsronweasley & theopteryx, NC-17

Bad Romance, Cock_Zero, NC-17

Bakery, ayoungvein, G

Barely Getting Bydicewereloaded, NC-17

Bathing Lessons, xatyrn, R/NC-17

Be Something (Time To Fly), shinetheway, PG-13

Been Here Before, tuesdaysgone, NC-17

Believer, the_glory_days, NC-17

Better, bellheim, G

Better Living Through Chemistry, liescontinue, NC-17

Between The Wish And The Thing, ciel_vert & fleurdeliser, NC-17

Bickering Boys In Love, dicewereloaded, PG-13

Black Market Blood, autoschediastic, NC-17

Black Tux, Silver Fox, innocent_wolves, NC-17

Blush, skeletonletters, NC-17

Born Losers,theficisalie, PG-13

Break The Walls (And Kill Us All), tabulaxrasa, NC-17

Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner At Audrey’s, heathermouth, NC-17

Burn The Louvre, alchimie, NC-17

But The Pages Are All Torn And Frayedblindlyseeking, NC-17

Buy Handmade, jjtaylor, NC-17

Buzzed, synonomy, NC-17


Camp Cherry Woods, littleblackghost, NC-17

Can Never Wrong This Right, theopteryx, NC-17

Champagne For 514Whiskey_n_speed, G

Child’s Playslashxyouxup, NC-17

Choose Your Own Adventure, KIKI_ENG, NC-17

Christmas Morning, jokerindisguise, NC-17

Christmas On The Road, matchsticks_p, G

Christmas Tattoos, ipanicdaily, G

Chromatography And Spectrometry, stereomer, PG-13

Climbing Up The Walls, synonomy, NC-17

Cold Tiles, tobi_wankenobi, NC-17

Colorblind, viviansface & bloodynemo, NC-17

Companiononceuponamoon, NC-17

Conclusions, bexless, NC-17

Counting Your Face Among The Livingselepsis, NC-17

Cover To Coversilentdescant, NC-17

Crazy Mad For Him, etben, PG-13

Crooked Crown, stereomer, G

Crossing the Rubicon, scoradh, PG-13

Crosstown, Roxy_palace, NC-17

Cupid’s Chokehold, matchboxbones, NC-17

Curiosity Killed The Cat, fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone, G

Curriculum, synonomy, NC-17

Cypress Grove, slashxyouxup, NC-17


Dance While The Sky Crashes Down, maryangel, NC-17

Dance With Memissbenzedrine

Dancing In The Dark, acroamatica, NC-17

Day Job, ishyface, PG-13

Distance In The Afterlife, sevenfists, R

Dog Grooming By Donna, maryangel, NC-17

Dotted With Hearts, littlblackghost, G

Down Into The Water Blackmaryangel, PG-13

Driving Home For Christmaseleanor126, G

Drunk Is Better Than This, anarchy_at12, NC-17

Dummy, fallingfortruth & spleenjournal, NC-17

Eight Legged Friends, littlblackghost, G

Empire Boysnoctecaelum, NC-17

Envision The Magic, innocent_wolves, PG-13

Even A Father Has Sins To Confess, MizErie, NC-17

Every Hour Is A Seasonp0etsandfrauds, G

Every Other Morning Before, kitsune_tsuki, PG-13

Everyone Comes To Pan’s, roxy_palace, NC-17


FABULOUS Killjoys, iamdali, NC-17

Faint Of A Heart, pikasfire, G

Falling Into Placeviviansface, NC-17

Falling Like A Snowflake In Love, kuriositet, G

Fantasy Book, cimorene, NC-17

Feel Good Hit Of The Summer, liescontinue, NC-17

Fight Night, Amee_Way, PG-13

First Of The Gang To Dieunitedsuck007, NC-17

Fit To Be Tied, maryangel, NC-17

Five Times Gerard Pays For It And One Time He Doesn’t, RubyTuesday5681, NC-17

Flagpole, stormvandal, PG-13

Fog, Sheets And Thunder, theopteryx, PG-13

Food For Thoughtsynonomy, G

Football Is The Gayest Profession, tremblings, PG-13

Forever, Now ‘verse, passe_simple, NC-17

Frank Iero In: The Quest For The Bathtub, ficletfairy, NC-17

Frank Iero’s Personal Assistant, inpurity, PG-13

Fucking Sharks, bobbryar, PG-13

Fundamentally Loathsome, xx0ruined0xx, NC-17


Gerard Way, Porn Star
, mistresscurvy, NC-17

Gerard Way’s (Vampire) Detective Agency, jjtaylor, NC-17

Get Naked (I Got a Plan), autoschediastic, NC-17

Ghost Hunter Is Too Bravo Channel, lilac_one & strangecobwebs, G

God Damn These Vampires, littleblackghost, NC-17

Godspeed Us To Sea, stereomer, NC-17

Going Away, xximiss_youxx, NC-17

Growing Up, theficisalie, G

Guilt,silentdescant, NC-17


Hair,heathermouth, NC-17 

Handprints, littlblackghost, G

Hard Candy, ladyfoxxx, NC-17

Have Yourself A Flying Christmas, littlblackghost, G

He Was A Teenage Werewolf, maryangel, NC-17

Headlights Look Like Diamonds, maryangel, NC-17

Heartbreak In Stereo, MXTAPE, G

Heaven Help Us, Bexless, NC-17

Here We Go Again, ficletfairy, NC-17

Hey Mr. DJ, shoemaster, PG-13

High School Never Ends, misslucythenerd, NC-17

High School Wet Dream, bloodlilly02, NC-17

Hobby, vamplover82, NC-17

Hold It In, mistresscurvy, NC-17

Holding Out, virtuousvices, NC-17

Home is a Name, Arsenic, NC-17

Honey! I Shrunk Frank!, theficisalie, NC-17

Hot For Teacher, lifeinreverie, PG-13

How You Do That Trick, frausorge, NC-17


I Almost Told You That I Loved You, liescontinue, NC-17

I’m A Hopeless Romantic (You’re Just Hopeless),aerogroupie, NC-17

I Am A Patient Boy, onelittlesleep, NC-17

I’m Lying Here (In Despair)thirstingdragon, PG-13

I’m Okay (I Promise), cantmakeyoustay, G

I Called You After Midnightprandcocaine, PG-13

I Don’t Want To Hold You Back Now Love, jokerindisguise, NC-17

I Got A Tortured Mindjokerindisguise, NC-17

I Have Been All Things Unholy,Bexless, NC-17

I’ve Lost My Fear Of Falling, littlblackghost, G

I Just Want Your Extra Time (And Your… Kiss), fiddleyoumust, G

I Know What It Means To Me, ficletfairy, NC-17

I Know You’ll Forgive Me, happilyhappled, NC-17

I Never Conquered When You Came, Die_Pretty, PG-13

I Picked You Up And Put You Back On Solid Ground, jokerindisguise, NC-17

I Pray You Die Slowly, rubytuesday5681, R

I Promise, I Love You, hullabaloo555, G

I Was Standing, You Were There, dicewereloaded, NC-17

I Was Your Silver Lining, shoemaster & theopteryx, NC-17

I Will Bring A Mirror, fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone, NC-17

I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker, littleblackghost, NC-17

I’d Rather Be With An Animal, heathermouth, NC-17

I’ll Do Yours If You Do Mine, midnightcancer, NC-17

I Won’t Ask For You For Christmascassandra_ml, NC-17

If I Cut Off Your Arms.., heathermouth, R

In A Galaxy Far, Far Awayskylinesandturnips, NC-17

In A Pretty How Townfleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone, NC-17

In Repair, autoschediastic, NC-17

In Sickness And In Health, brooklinegirl, NC-17

In The Dark, matchboxbones, NC-17

In The Gaps, Between Words, maryangel, PG-13

In Which Gerard Is A Quirky College Professor, wordslinging, R

In Which Frank Gets a New Tattoo, my99centdreams, NC-17

In Which Frank Makes A Lot Of Wishes, maybegasoline, PG-13

In Which Gerard Has A Secret Stash of Star Wars Fanfiction, sparklefap, R

In Which Pete Sucks At Keeping Secrets, maybegasoline, NC-17
Interlude, maryangel, NC-17

Interlude/Prelude, synchronik, NC-17

Interview With An Artist, mistresscurvy, NC-17

Is It Enough To Have Some Love?viviansface, NC-17

It Can Be Taboo If You Want It To, missbenzedrine, NC-17

It Doesn’t Matter If It’s Real Or Fake, gwencarmichael, NC-17

It’s A Kind Of Magic, jovialien, NC-17

It’s A Nice Day To Start Againjokerindisguise & chemicaldreamsx, R

It’s Always Sunny In New Jersey, viviansface, PG-13

It’s Like A Bad Movie, jokerindisguise & chemicaldreamsx, PG-13

It’s Not A Fashion Statement, x_dark_siren_x, NC-17

It’s Not Kansas And It’s Not Mexico, But It’ll Do, maryangel, PG-13

It’s Out Of Your Hands (But Not Out Of Reach), soulfulfishbowl, NC-17

It’s Warmer When The Rum’s Gone, impertinence, NC-17


James Cameron Got It Wrong, ladyfoxxx, NC-17

Jealous Minds Think Alike, mmmaxibon, G

Jersey Is Burning, meagainstmeagainstyou, NC-17

Jersey Shore: Vampire Edition, jokerindisguise, NC-17

Joey’s Coffee Shop, gee_gaskarth_x, G

Just A Formality, queensheep, NC-17


Keep Runningfamouslastwordsx, PG-13

Keep The Faith, G, MizErie, NC-17

Keep You Safe Tonight, mistresscurvy, NC-17

Kerplunk!, ladyfoxxx, NC-17

King And Country, tabulaxrasa, NC-17

King Of The Rodeo, fluffontop, NC-17

Kiss My Battery, geezy_xxo, NC-17

Knife Called Lust, killjoy109, NC-17


Lace, Cock_Zero, NC-17

Late Bloomer, flyby, NC-17

Layover, chiromancy, PG-13

Learning The Stakes, Rini, NC-17

Legalities of the Heart, lightisbreaking, NC-17

Life On The Rumor Scene, reservedxusrnm, NC-17

Lifetime, Hangmans_Radio, NC-17

Like A Horse And Carriage, mwestbelle, R

Like A Prayer, lizzicleromance, NC-17

Like A Safety Pin Through Your Skin, kuriositet, NC-17

Like A Secret In Your Throat, frankie_ann, NC-17

Like A Virgin, xx_otter, NC-17

Like They Do On The Discovery Channel, maryangel, NC-17

Love And Other Clichésxrysomou and xaritomene, NC-17

Love And Sparks And Crazyhulubululu, PG-13

Love Is The New Feel Awful, 1001cranes, PG-13

Love Life, kuriositet, G

Lullaby, maryangel, PG-13


Marry Me?, Amee_Way, G

Masterpiece, innocent_wolves, NC-17

Measured Against The Regrets, wordslinging, R

Memories, theficisalie, G

Mikey Has Annoying Friends, iamursforevrmre, G

Mind The Gap Between The Train And The Platform, dancinbutterfly, NC-17

Mine, littlblackghost, NC-17

Mine And My Own, slashxyouxup, NC-17

Mise En Place, coreopsis, PG-13

Miss Congeniality, melusina, NC-17

Mixed Bathing At Homebexless, NC-17

Momentum Keeps Us Goingakamine_chan, NC-17

Moons And Junes And Ferris Wheels, StormVandal, G

More Than You Could Ever Know, moku_youbi, NC-17

Moth To Flame (Or Whatever), onceuponamoon, NC-17

Mr. Fucking-Pro-Bowler To You, dankee, NC-17

My (Empty) Romance, jatty, NC-17

My Ferry Romance, lovebashed, NC-17

My Heart Has Left Its Dwelling Place, dicewereloaded, NC-17

My Little One-Night-Stand: Friendship Is Magic, anna_unfolding, NC-17

My Watercooler Romance, littleblackghost, NC-17


Nail Biters, deadandgone, NC-17

Natural Disasterlemon__crush, R

Nearly Witches,littleblackghost, PG-13

Nerd Perfect, shiningartifact, NC-17

Never Looked Better And You Can’t Stand It, silentdescant, R

New Rule, bexless, NC-17

Nightswimmingwaxjism, NC-17

No Chub, No Fun, happilyappled, NC-17

No Experience Necessary, ladyfoxxx, R

Not, As They Say, A Happy Camper, Andeincascade, G

Not-So-Pleasantville, miss_bilvy, G

Not So Secret Admirer, roxy_palace, PG-13

Not So Shinning Knight, Amee_Way, G

Nothin’ Left To Do But…, gala_apples, NC-17

Now Does Our World Descend, anarchostanthem, PG-13

Now My Feet Can Touch The Ground, agirlnamedfia, NC-17


Of Confidence And Hunger, battleofhydaspe, NC-17

Of Star Wars And Lip Rings, maybegasoline, G

Oh I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker, ficletfairy, NC-17

Omegle, TheSharpestL, R

On A Dark Night, Cock_Zero, NC-17

On The Midtown Direct, mistresscurvy, NC-17

Only Shooting Stars Break the Mold, hullabaloo555, G

Opposite Over Adjacent, everystarfall, NC-17


Paint Stalking, jokerindisguise, G

Pale Skin And Lonely Hearts, vamplover82, NC-17

Part Of The StoryPollutedFiction, G

Patience Is A Virtue, elflorentino, NC-17

People Are Strange, jokerindisguise, PG-13

Perfectlittlblackghost, NC-17

Pick Your Poisons, temblabamomo, NC-17

Picture Of Healthbrooklinegirl, NC-17

Pillow Talk, 0_mutiny_0, NC-17

Pizza Boy (One-off), twentytragedies, PG-13

Play Parks And Play Mates, littlblackghost, NC-17

Poser, kuriositet, NC-17

Postscript, brooklinegirl, NC-17

Practise, elimak, PG-13

Pretty Boy, joyfulseeker, G

Professional Healerssynonomy, NC-17

Progressive Diminishment And The Art Of Living, coffeewordangel, PG-13

Promises, Promises, silentdescant, NC-17

Public Enemy, tabulaxrasa, NC-17

Pulse, rubytuesday5681, NC-17

Pushing Daisies, jokerindisguise, NC-17

Put Away The Pills, EndlessNighttimeSky, PG-13


Real White, zocktopus, PG-13

Reasons We Don’t, airgiodslv, R

Ride, synchronik, NC-17

Rock Band Is (Not) A Synonym For Lovequarterturn & schneestern, NC-17

Roll For Nookie, ciel_vert, NC-17

Roomies, mcrfobpatd, NC-17

Run, mrsronweasley, NC-17


Scarification, butyoumight, NC-17

Scum, slashxyouxup, NC-17

Secret Santa, wicked, NC-17

Shadows Fall Behindanoceanmonster, NC-17

She (Within The Measure Of A Day)mrsronweasley, NC-17

She Sings The Revolution, royalneptune, R

Should You Choose To Remember, dear_monday, NC-17

Sin Tastes Like Heaven, megga, NC-17

Sing for Me, Pretty, MizErie, NC-17

Sing It For The N00bs, jedusaur, NC-17

Sixteen Tons (How Frank Made It Happen)theficisalie, NC-17

Small Talk, Big Thoughts, littlblackghost, NC-17

Smokeless Flame Of Fire, tabula_x_rasa, NC-17

Some Girls Are Built For Speed, maryangel, NC-17

Something Betterlovelypoet, NC-17

Something Other Than Human, misslucythenerd, NC-17

Something Unconventional, kaiteexchaos, NC-17

Someone To Love Me, coldestxheart, NC-17

Sparks Fly, jokerindisguise, NC-17

Stains Of Time, xunderzenithx, NC-17

Staring Through the Demons, Bexless, NC-17

Stay Out Of The Light, hullabaloo555, NC-17

Stay Right Hereswagneto & idktbh, PG-13

Sting, silver_etoile, R

StockholmAGoddessFinch, NC-17

Stockholm Syndromewarmseptember, R

Stop And Starexmydarkestdaysx, NC-17

Strange Steps, fleurdeliser, NC-17

Strangers, thank-you-for-the-fanfics, G

Strings, auctorial, NC-17

Stupid Dog, innocent_wolves, NC-17

Subjects Aren’t the Only Thing You Learn in College, frankie_bb, NC-17

autoschediastic, NC-17

Sugar, dovekeeping, NC-17

Suspension of Disbelief, lizhanne, NC-17

Svalaescherzo & mwestbelle, NC-17

Sweet Caffeine (and Love of Liberace), anew_leaf, NC-17

Sweet Home New Jersey?, jspencer1986, PG-13


Tale As Old As Time0_mutiny_0, NC-17

Talk To Me, OwlHoots, NC-17

Teenage Dirtbag, Baby, liescontinue, PG-13

Tell Us A Story, bexless & imogenedisease, NC-17

Ten Year Drag, meagainstmeagainstyou, NC-17

Thank You For The Coffee, AnnieMallistic, NC-17

Thank You, Thank You Very Much, Ranmaru, NC-17

The Anatomy Of A Fall, novembersmith, NC-17

The Bench, phrankiero, G

The Best Christmas, kuriositet, NC-17

The Boy With The Breaddaniomalley, PG-13

The Boy With The Hazel Eyes, OwlHoots, G

The Calypso Initiative, theficisalie, NC-17

The Checklist, blood0nmyhands, G

The Children Are Our Future, Or Somethingdear_monday, NC-17

The Cruelty-Free Sausagefests of Pleathermouth Vegan Cafe, jedusaur, R

The Days of Dragons and Dresses, xxtoxicmexx, NC-17

The Dazzling Lances Of Our Love, bexless, NC-17

The Dove Keeper, xunderzenithx, NC-17

The Down Low, paperdollkisses, NC-17

The Embers Never Fade, alasse, PG-13

The Fall and Rise of The Black Paradewordslinging, R

The Happiest Fuckin’ Place On Earth (TM)roxy_palace, NC-17

The Highs And Lows Of A Career In Lights, bloodonmyhands, G

The Hoodie, stormvandal, PG-13

The Internet Is For Porn, maryangel, R

The Last Gentleman In New Jersey, etben, R

The Life And Lies Of Gerard Way, maybegasoline, NC-17

The Magic Of Science, noctecaelum, PG-13

The Neighbour, slashxyouxup, NC-17

The One That You Are Looking For, tabulaxrasa, G

The One Where Frank And Gerard Go To IKEA, bexless, PG-13

The One Where Frank’s A Journalist, thegostofvenom, NC-17

The Only Thing I Fear Is Fear Itself, breathedeep222, PG-13

The Plan And The Problem, peekabooby, NC-17

The Pros And Cons Of Breathing, EndlessNighttimeSky, NC-17

The Rainbow, xunderzenith, NC-17

The Reggie!Frank Fic, valiiumblue, NC-17

The Risen, adellyna, R

The Rumor Of Us, littlblackghost, NC-17

The Scene Is Dead, Synchronik, NC-17

The Sex Jacket Incident, nokomis305, G

The Skin Of The Canvas,sinsense, NC-17

The Sky-High City, sevenfists, G

The Smaller Apocalypse, innocent_wolves, NC-17

The Summer House, littlblackghost, NC-17

The Truth Is I’m On My Way, samanthairr, NC-17

The Two Sides of Black Blood in the Dark, MizErie, NC-17

The Way They Fly, mrsronweasley, NC-17

The Way We Get By, softlyforgotten, NC-17

theperfectmatch.comcherrybombwithteeth, PG-13

There’s Just One Thing I Need, jokerindisguise, PG-13

These Friday Night Lightsfaux_disco_sins, PG-13

They Came From Outer Jersey!, momebie, R

They Drew BloodEndlessNighttimeSky, G

Thing-Thing,sinsense, NC-17

This Can’t Be Happening, jokerindisguise, R

This Elevator Only Goes Up To TenMXTAPE, G

This Party’s A Gaspentipus, PG-13

This Tornado Loves You, theopteryx, NC-17

Through The Trees, modern_dion, NC-17

Throw A Little Sparkle All Over It, etben, NC-17

'Til I Find a Place, shiningartifact, NC-17

(To Die Will Be) An Awfully Big Adventure, FayJay, NC-17

To Feel So Bright, desfinado, NC-17

To Paint Silence, kuriositet, NC-17

To The Midnight Land, akamine_chan, NC-17

Transatlanticism, tabula_x_rasa, NC-17

Trees Have Roots And I Have You, viviansface, NC-17

Troublemaker, jokerindisguise, R

Twenty Something: The (Nearly) Quarter-Life Crisis Of Gerard Arthur Waysynthetic_tales & xx_anarchy_xx, R


Under Wrapselle2706 & iforgetlikeanelephant, PG-13

Unequivocal, stereomer, NC-17

Unofficial Constellationsinnocent_wolves, NC-17

Untitled, kitsune_tsuki, PG-13

Untitledsilentdescant, R


Wake Me From This Nightmarewarmseptember , R

Wake Up And Notice, cimorene, NC-17

Wake Up And Notice You’re Someone You’re Not
, soundslikej, NC-17

Walk Into The Sun, lemon__crush, PG-13

Wash’n’Fold Laundry (Open ‘Til 1AM), brooklinegirl, NC-17

Watch Over You, misslucythenerd, G

We All Build Our Ruins, kuriositet, NC-17

We Each Play The Part Written For Us, maryangel, NC-17

We Need A Doctor, soulfulfishbowl, NC-17

Welcome To Beautiful Newark, littleblackghost, NC-17

Well, You Can Hide A Lot About Yourself, I_am_a_Graveyard, NC-17

What I Go To School For, dear_monday, NC-17

What The Hell (Do You Think Of Me Now?), dear_monday, PG-13

When I Grow Up, miseracordia, NC-17

When The Curtain FallswaybeyondreasonNC-17

When The Moon Fell In Love With The Sun, quirky_anecdote, PG-13

When You Go, Just Know That I Will Remember You, viviansface, NC-17

Where Your Soul Should Be, anywhat, NC-17

While You Were Unconscious, ladyfoxxx, NC-17

Whispers In The Dark, wordslinging, G

Why I Became A Priest, xxtoxicmexx, NC-17

Why Mikey Way Is Never To Be Trusted, slashxyouxup, G

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Brokenaaalfie, NC-17

Winds Will Move Us Around, maryangel, NC-17

Wind-Up Toy, yekith, NC-17

Winter Screams And Starbucks, littleblackghost, NC-17

With Dripping Wings, Heavy Things Won’t Fly, silver_etoile, NC-17

Wrestling With A Wrecking Ball, heathermouth, NC-17

WROCK BAND, zarathuse, NC-17


Yes, Definitelyelle2706, G

You And Your High-Top Sneakers And Your Sailor Tattoos, anarchistanthem, NC-17

You Are My Sin And Blessing In Disguisehigh_on_mcr, NC-17

You Can’t Quit Me Baby, liescontinue, NC-17

You Know That (Is Nothing New), rubytuesday5681, NC-17

You Only Hear The Music When Your Heart Begins To Break, solar_cat, PG-13

You Weaseled Your Way Into My Heart (And Ferreted Out My Feelings), akamine_chan, PG-13

You Will Leave A Mark, brooklinegirl, NC-17

Your Badge Don’t Even Shineinamorta, NC-17


Zen And The Art Of Kissing, ink_like_blood, G

103, LadyBlitzkrieg, NC-17
12 Days Of Christmas, thetwistedstar, NC-17

8/14/1945, viviansface, PG-13

50 Bucks Buys A Lot, mizubyte, PG-13